what's the name of the font? /post/60956039101

PF Tempesta Five Compressed.

how do you make your tutorials so CLEAR? It's like high def or something..!

I’m not sure whether you mean the quality of the images or the explanations! Heh, for the images we just screencap them and save as a .png. ♥

what is your sharpeness that you use? please tell me :')

Lately, I’ve been using V2 out of this pack and then sharpening with some version of this:


For gifs, I just use the sharpen, though. (: 

i am dead and it is your aaron tveit blog's fault

I’m dead and it’s all Aaron Tveit’s fault. Haha, but I’m assuming that’s a good thing! I’m glad you like it. He kills me inside too.

i miss flawlesscher :( will you ever go back?

I do too… But I’m not going back like today or next week. I might go back, I might not. I’m happy with this blog. 

your new PSD is so much nicer!!

omfg i know. i was looking at the stuff i did from last week or whatever what actually made me think that looked good. 

What are some of your favorite actions/psds?

My favorite actions are definitely the ones from aquamentia. I don’t use coloring actions because they never turn out right. I also love bodyrockks psds. (: 

your blog is so perfect!! xx

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! ♥

where do you find your samantha pictures? i can't find any good fansites :(

Well you’re in luck! I’m actually in the process of making a fan site for her right now! I’m saving lots of pictures. I get them in a lot of different places. So if you want something specific, come off of anon and I can tell you where I find them (: 

cher lloyd :)